1. code1ne:

    It’s really cute when people forget your existence until they need something

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  2. prince-kel:

    tfw real life :3 face

  3. My boyfriend calls me fat :(


    Call him single



    "Don’t make me Sorry, you won’t like me when I’m Sorry." [imthechief]


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  6. dorillis:

    i spent way too much time on the line art lol

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  9. Can i talk to you dirty?


    yes baby tell me about mud ;) and dirt ;) 

  10. New coloured pencils and on-going project.

  11. My workspace

  12. I’m planning on buying a new set of coloured pencils. Can anyone suggest me which brand should I take?

  13. modifiedwh0re:

    I want to marry a man like this! :o

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